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Who We are?

We are obliged to draw some details regarding our Privacy Policy here. We as Jiogigafiberbroadband.com have definite goals and exploring in our endeavor to support this site. As the data protection remains is the high priority for us we never use such data for promotion or sell it to other enterprise in order to take any gain or advantage. The internet pages of Jiogigafiberbroadband.com is possible without any indication personal information data. If only due to the wish of data subject in enrolling for the special enterprise service through our website, thus makes data processing necessary. Due to this reason data processing is as such necessary & as well no statutory basis for processing, through which we usually obtain the consent from the data subject.

All the processing of data subject personal data namely Name, Address, Email, or Telephone number are all comes under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that too in accordance with country specific data protection regulation applicable to the Jiogigafiberbroadband.com. Through this data protection policy we want to address general public that nature, scope and purpose of the given personal data we collect and also process. Moreover the data subjects are informed by means of this data protection declaration right to which they all are entitled here.

As the monitor of the Jiogigafiberbroadband.com we have implemented various technical and institutional measures to give complete protection to the personal data processed by our website. Though the internet based data transmission has its own security gaps which means absolute protection is not guaranteed here. In this cause to support every data subjects free to choose alternate method to transfer personal data to us such as Telephone.


The data protection declaration of this website Jiogigafiberbroadband.com is totally based on the terms that come under European legislator in adaptation of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). As our protection declaration policy is lucid and understandable for all general public, to all other customers and business partners.

  • Personal data

Personal data describe as information relating to identification or person (data subject). An identification subject can be identified directly or indirectly, the criteria is discuss here is name, an identification number and location data, and then there is other factors such as specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, culture and social identity of that natural person

  • Data subject

The data subject is known as identifier, identifiable as a natural person, of whose personal data is processed or use by the controller responsible for only for the processing.

Who is controller and address of the controller?

The controller under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), as well as other data protection laws applicable under member states of the European Union and all provisions which ever related to data protection.

Kindly consider the address:- https://jiogigafiberbroadband.com
We also consider as internet sites and servers use the cookies and they content cookie ID which is unique. It contains the character string by which internet pages and servers works on the internet browsers on which cookie is stored. By cookie https://jiogigafiberbroadband.com we provide user friendly services which are not possible without it.  

Collection of general data information

The website name https://jiogigafiberbroadband.com collects a data from the data subject and stored into the server log files. Collection is done maybe by browser types and version use, Operating system of the end user, external link of the website, different webpages and IP addresses as well as ISP of the accessing systems.

As we are using the general data and its information the https://jiogigafiberbroadband.com we don’t draw any conclusion of the data subject. Only use the information to deliver the great content, optimize the content and also for its advertisements. Provision of law enforcement authorities along the information necessary for the criminal prosecution in any given case of cyber-attack.

Registration on Website

When the data subject register to our website and fill the personal data. This data is only use for internal use of controller, and controller only use this data for great content delivery.

On registering IP address by ISP and data and time info is also saved here. This data is used here is by protection so that there will be no misuse of it. And if there is any misuse we investigate the matter properly. We also declare that the data is not transferred to any third party. The registration process is free of cost and person can change their personal details any time.

Subscription to our newsletter

The website of https://jiogigafiberbroadband.com user can subscribe to enterprise newsletter. Our website address customers and partners through newsletters and it receive by data subject if they have valid e-mail addresses. And complete security is use to ensure there is no misuse of the given mail address data. The newsletter of https://jiogigafiberbroadband.com have tracking pixels which is a graphic embedded sent in HTML format. This log file is use for statistical analysis of the success and failure of online marketing campaigns that too is secure and shall not pass to any third party.

Routine erasure and blocking of personal data

Only for the limited time duration this personal data of data subject is stored and per granted by European legislator and other law regulations.

Rights of the data subject

The data subject is entitiled to various rights as the consumer or customer here. such as

Right of confirmation

The data subject have right to granted by the European legislator to obtain confirmation by the controller that the personal data is processed or not.

Right to Access

Data subject can get free information about his or her personal data stored by asking the controller. Data subject can withdraw the consent if given earlier by mistake.  

Right to object

User can object the processing of the personal data as the data if processing without the carrying out on legal basis not on the consent.

Right to rectification

If the data subject’s data is inaccurate he or she can change it or rectify its.

Right to erasure (Right to be forgotten)

Each data subject has right to obtain the erasure of the personal data from the https://jiogigafiberbroadband.com.

Right of restriction of processing

Each data subject has the right granted by the European legislator by which processing of the personal data is restricted and completely stops.

Data protection provisions about the use of Google AdSense

On the website controller is integrated Google Adsense which is an online service to allow placement of advertisements on third party websites. Google Adsense is based on the algorithm to selects advertisements to display on third party site in order to match with the content of the respective third party website. Google Adsense places cookies on the information technology system of the data subject. Also it uses tracking pixels which is a log file.

Data protection provisions about the of Google Analytics

Google analytics is the web analytics service that collect, gather and analysis the data for the behavior of the visitors on the website. It collects service data, inter alia, how often or times the web page is open and what kind of traffic it generates. Google use the data to show reports & activities of our website https://jiogigafiberbroadband.com. This site is operated by controller and Google Analytics is integrated the collect information from the user and stored it.

Acceptance of this policy

You read this policy and agreed to all its terms and conditions. For using the website or its service you are bound by this policy. If you are not satisfied by the policy, hence not authorized to use or access the website and it’s any given service.



We collect data about visitors who comment on Sites that use our Akismet anti-spam service. The information we collect depends on how the User sets up Akismet for the Site, but typically includes the commenter’s IP address, user agent, referrer, and Site URL (along with other information directly provided by the commenter such as their name, username, email address, and the comment itself).

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Privacy Policy
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