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Jio SmartPhone Delivered By This Diwali Which Is Confirmed By Jio Care

Jio SmartPhone Delivered
Jio SmartPhone Delivered By This Diwali

Jio Phone delivery service responded:- According to Jio care on Twitter they deliveries are taking place smoothly.  And Jio customers are going to have Jio Smartphone delivered by this Diwali season. Reliance Jio is working with tight deadline to deliver Reliance 4G Smartphone as soon as possible. After the query was asked about how the delivery process is going on? Then Jio care came up with details. They said they have planned with whole delivery process with accurate measures, and launched the delivery already.

Enjoy Your Great Jio SmartPhone Delivered By This Diwali

Jio SmartPhone Delivered
Jio SmartPhone Delivered By This Diwali

They add about the assurance of every customer will get the Smartphone on time to this Diwali season. Our experts have requested about the full spec itinerary of the Jio 4G Smartphone. But Reliance is too busy in completing orders and this is what we expect from them. We hoped this Diwali every customer who pre-booked Reliance 4G-handset will get it on time.

 Mera Jio phone kab ayega?

Jio SmartPhone Delivered
Jio SmartPhone

As Diwali is approaching everyone wants to know mera Jio Phone kab ayega?

{ जियो फोन कब मिलेगा }

Jio SmartPhone delivered by this Diwali, remember these instructions to get your Jio Phone on time.

  • All the customers will inform via SMS about the date and address of the delivery store.
  • Also you can track your delivery status on toll free number by Reliance Jio i.e. 1800 890 8900.
  • This Diwali on October 19, Jio care makes sure to deliver all the 4G handsets till date.
  • You can enjoy your pre-booked 4G Smartphone before 19th of October this Diwali.
  • By the number of units selling Reliance will become leader in sales of 4G handset too.


How Reliance manage to get delivered new 4G Smartphone on time?

Jio SmartPhone Delivered By This Diwali
Jio SmartPhone Delivered By This Diwali

This year Diwali is on October 19, hence as per Jio Care response, all the customers may get the phone before this festival. Jio SmartPhone delivered by this Diwali, delivery has started already in major Cities and Towns. Nearly 6 million handsets are in the target to deliver on time. This is the cheapest 4G Smartphone by Jio, this product going to cover customer from urban to rural population. As it is affordable but also has impressive 4G features including apps pre-installed in it. The pre-booking of this phone had started on August 24, for just a payment of Rs 500. The rest amount of money will collect from customer at the time of purchase. Most impressive thing is the money will refund you when you submit the mobile phone after three years of service usage.

How Reliance 4G has taken the mobile phone market?

Get ready for Jio SmartPhone delivered by this Diwali and also get freebies data. Reliance placed such a nice strategy that not only achieve success but also win common people’s trust too. Around 61.8 million of mobiles have been shipping by this month of 2017. And more than 6 million units already sold. Talking about the estimation Jio phone will account for 10 percent of the total mobile Phone market by end of this year.

Senior Chairman Mr. Mukesh Ambani discussed plan as free voice call with data for all customers at only minimal cost of Rs153 for month. Jio Phones already have installed Jio apps such as messaging and entrainment. This phone has unique feature to get connect with Television. The Jio TV app will connect to any Television and you can enjoy Watching live TV shows.

Jio Smartphone is awaited by millions

Most of the Jio customer is waiting for the Jio Smartphone delivery. Reliance Jio is taking various measures to provide delivery on time. Reliance Jio made direct deals with the logistics and local transport companies to make everything organized. less than a month Jio will deliver Smartphones in different cities. In such a short time Jio’s promise to the delivery phone to each and every customer is remarkable.

Jio on-time delivery to selected cities

On this Diwali 19th of October, only a portion of the population of the customer can acquire their Jio Smartphone. As you can see certain cities near to Outland and inland ports will get Jio phone’s delivery on time. With regards to Mukesh Ambani, we hope the promise by him for Jio SmartPhone delivered by this Diwali will fulfill.

This State’s Celebrate Happy Diwali 2017 With Jio Phone Delivery

  • Maharashtra

  • New Delhi

  • Haryana

  • Chandigarh

  • Kolkata

  • Karnataka

  • Tamil Nadu

  • Rajasthan

  • Orrisa

  • Punjab

  • Gujarat

  • Uttar Pradesh


Jio SmartPhone Delivered By This Diwali Which Is Confirmed By Jio Care
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