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Know Your Jio Phone Warranty Privacy And Refund policy Other Details

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Jio Phone Warranty Privacy And Refund policy

Once again Jio phone in the news as the delivery has started. People are exciting to know about the Jio Phone warranty and refund policy. In coming weeks Jio phone will be delivered to millions of customers. Here we are helping you out to understand about the proper use of this device. Anyone can get optimum benefits of Jio smartphone service policy.

The Best Advice For Jio phone Refund Policy, Jio Phone Warranty And Other Details

Jio phone refund policy is the main reason due to which Jio smartphone is going popular among people. You have to know about Jio phone policies to take proper utilization of the offer. The mandatory recharge of Rs 1500 per year makes you applicable of Refund of Rs 1500 after three year of service. The terms start when you purchased mobile from Reliance Jio and you have to pay Rs 1500. First Rs 500 for pre-booking and rest Rs 1000 at the time of delivery. Then you have to recharge Jio every month for different plans. After three year you are applicable for the refund of the sum of Rs 1500. Other information such as Jio phone warranty, Jio phone location tracking we help you to understand.

Full explanation of Jio 4G Smartphone Warranty Terms

The Jio smartphone has 1 year of manufacturing warranty starts from the date of delivery. One year of handset and six months for the charger. The warranty is become invalid as if you break handset’s seal, remove phone IMEI number or serial number. There is strict policy against mobile phone rooting, reverse engineering and unlocking. If anyone device found tempering these policies it will not allow for under refund policy.

Jio Tracking And Privacy Policy Explained

The Reliance Retail (RRL) owner of Jio phone sells and distribution. RRL have device “geo-location” and information related to it. Your wifi signal info, calendar entries and other app data is going to be access by the company. These information will use by the company to send location related notifications and information status to you. The Jio phone location tracking is as per by Google and Facebook and these are pretty standard. They may collect your voice recordings when you give voice commands to use the phone service. And these voice recording are going to store in Jio’s service module. The Jio phone warranty applies with the privacy and tracking terms. You have to know about these policies and terms before you use the service. The Jio phone privacy and other details are given with the device manual.

The RRL license agreement of Jio Phone

The location information is use by company to give location based product service. The collection of data is through web cookies and term as non personal information. When you use such location based service, you simply give your consent to transmission, maintenance and processing of you personal data. Similar process is use when someone uses any app, his or her personal data goes to companies and they use it in certain areas of marketing.


Know Your Jio Phone Warranty Privacy And Refund policy Other Details
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