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Jio Phone 4G Support Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube

Jio phone 4G support
know Jio phone 4G support popular apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube

Jio phone has won millions hearts by its utility and price, there are many people want to have one Jio 4G phone. But they also want to know Jio phone 4G support popular apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.

Jio phone 4G support Facebook, Whatsapp, and other apps

Mukesh Ambani declared in Reliance’s annual meeting about the 4G smartphone on date 21st July 2017. The price is really cheapest and with a refund policy you can have this phone at Zero ruppes. First you have to use this phone for three years and after 3 years Reliance take phone from you and refund Rs 1500. This policy breaking records of sales of Jio 4G smartphone. Out of 78 crores handsets in India 50 crores are feature phones. So to capture the market Jio has to make efforts to introduce feature smartphone phone that cost cheaper than others. But to really answer that Jio does not support any of these services. Reliance is now working hard to introduce an android smartphone in cheaper price. That will fulfill the requirement of whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

How to use WhatsApp on Jio phone?

There is now option and platform that make you use whatsapp on Jio Phone. Jio is finding the solution to this problem. Jio Phone Whatsapp Download 

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How to use Facebook on Jio Phone?

Jio wants to make popular its own Jio chat app and other apps like MYJio app so that in case you can’t use Facebook app in Jio phone.

How to use Xender on Jio phone?

Jio is using its own firmware and allowing different services through them. You don’t use Xender on Jio phone but will use another application of similar function.

How to use hotspot on Jio phone?

Hotspot is a very popular app to watch free online videos and TV serials and it has millions subscribers. There is no official announcement by Jio that will say that this app will be run successfully on Jio 4G phones. We will convey our information to our readers if any positive news will come to us.

Jio phone 4G support Twitter, Xender and YouTube or not

Well to answer this we suggest you to check and wait for Jio phone. But we also know the information is confirmed about Jio Phone does not support Twitter, Xender and YouTube. Soon Jio will come up with solution as we know these are major apps for any mobile. In spite of the fact that is Phone is cheapest Smartphone but not allowing these apps it will lost its value too. Jio phone 4G support hotspot or not this will answer when you will get your handset in your hand. There are many users don’t value smartphone if these major apps won’t available. Jio can never business of Whatsapp, Facebook or Twitter. There are many good apps in Jio handset and people will appreciate Jio for this.

MyJio app help you to connect you TV screen with the mobile and you can run TV channels free of Cost. You just need Jio media cable and TV for it to run.


Jio Phone 4G Support Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube
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