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Jio Laptop Booking 5000 Rupee predict Price, Launch Date & Spec

Jio Laptop Booking 5000
Jio Laptop Booking 5000 rupee

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Know about new Jio laptop

An amazing advanced technology based Reliance Jio laptop booking 5000 rupees only. Know more about Launch date, Price Prediction & specification. Jio laptop online booking 5000 rupees only which makes it very affordable for anyone. Try for pre booking of Jio laptop is going to be available very soon. Register yourself for Jio free laptop and order it online. And we share you the detail for how to order Jio 4G laptop online from the official website.

How to go for Pre booking of Jio laptop

The rumor is surfacing again about the new product by the Jio which is a 4G laptop. As after Reliance Jio take over the whole telecom sector now it’s time for harvesting the field. After launch of 4G last year the overall growth of Jio is surplus in every scenario. Jio is providing best 4G service of data and voice calling in very good quality and at very cheap price.

How to do Jio free laptop registration

In the past time there are many products related to Jio technology are launched. On 21st July 2017 Jio announced for Jio phone at a very affordable price of just Rs 1500. So as the new Jio laptop is available at only for Rs 5000

Follow these steps to register yourself for Jio free laptop

  • Visit Jio.com and login all your sign in details
  • Go to menu and select the laptop in the product list
  • Fill the registration details
  • Chose the pre order option and select the laptop
  • Now pre booking is confirmed
  • If your luck works then you can get a Free Jio laptop booking 5000

Jio laptop pre booking

Jio laptop pre booking is yet not confirmed by authentic Jio. However we must say “Beware of Scams” on the name of Jio 4G laptop. The actual details of Jio laptop may vary and so does the price. Actually there are many sources confirming the laptop but none of them are valid. We want our readers not get pray by the market hype and become a victim. We will update you latest news and real news regarding Jio laptop.

Jio laptop online booking

There is not any news of Jio laptop online booking by Jio. Yet many sources indicating that soon any genuine news regarding Jio laptop will be heard. After the huge business by Jio 4G and Jio 4G phone Jio thinking for expanding the market. Jio is itself a huge brand and anything new will become a hit by Jio. Jio laptop booking 5000 is very impressive product only if Jio confirms it.

Jio laptop booking official website

As there is no authentic news regarding Jio 4G laptop still we hope any news will come. Please consider our advice and visit Jio 4G free laptop on the Jio.com. Before filling any form check all the details carefully.

Jio Laptop specification

Display       15”inch

Resolutions   1920*1080 pixel in Full HD

Camera        HD camera for video calling

Processor     Intel Quad core processor

Storage       128 GB SSD or may be SATA

RAM           4GB

Weight        2 KG only

Thickness     20mm

Cost of Jio 4G Laptops

The laptop is however not available at just Rs 5000. The price is only confirmed by Jio but we can assume it will be as affordable as the Jio Phone. No matter people say about market destroying policy of Jio. Jio always comes up with amazing cheap products at a very affordable cost.

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