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What is Hackathon meaning? competition, Events For Beginners

Hackathon meaning
Hackathon meaning competition, Events For Beginners

What is Hackathon meaning

Hackathon defined as get together of coders and programmers to code collaboratively in an organized manner for short time. Moreover it can last long to few days, weeks but mostly not longer than a week. The whole idea behind this venture is to give freedom to developer to work on their choice. Similarly there are other names for it such as Hackfest or Hack day.

Technical prospect of Hackathon

The essential foundation of this process is begins from the open source projects, such as OpenBSD development. Recently lots of companies have initiated this concept and allow development teams to work on any given project. There is also lots of opposition of the system as people accuse companies mostly own the result work. Moreover there are chances that company through this get free development work without paying any cost. Hence passionate coders choose it for their skill development and it does add value to their professional CV.

History of Hackfest

The word Hackathon in india meaning is can be understood as the word Hack meaning “Clever programmer” and marathon meaning endurance. This concept is originated from open source community who works for welfare without intention for money. However the first event was the “OpenBSDHackathon” in Canada (Calgary) on June 4th 1999.

How does Hackathon process operate?

In recent times there is lot of requirement of skill development and talent search and it overcomes both. Web-based companies urgently require achieve specific goals and they run our ideas. So they need special talent to get out of the box ideas to solve their complex problems. The need is growing stronger as these companies also demand low-risk environment. During the process coders are provided with full support and collaboration with other employees. After affect the only thing matters is the viable product is made with joint efforts.

Hackathon for beginners

If you are a beginner must worrying about so much things, just relax we take a note here. Most people think that when joining the event there are lots of things to worry about. Everyone watching you coding, you can feel inferiority, or thinks your idea is dumb. But you can learn everything new, it is very easy concept to join with many talents and learn from them.

Hackaday event is not important for wining prizes rather you can enjoy, having fun with the technology. A great get together of lots of talented people working on some technology and learn from them. You can add value by your work and help them in one or other way is also a great thing.

Hackathon Ideas

The main idea behind it is to co-work with collaboration of people with different skills and solve one specific goal hackathon competition. In events where 200 people are testing, developing in out open, they are not actually competing with each other. Whoever resolve the issue quick with complete the process wins the game.

Endurance will be judge by the community who organize the event. Hackday ideas project the science fair where people share their knowledge on the common platform. Finally prizes are announces, free welcome lunch or dinner is also there, and also lot of games activities.

What are online Hackathon?

While playing on computers at home, if you like to code and want a competition Online Hackfest idea is great. So now you can join a team online and starts Hackday competition at home which is quite easy to involve. These events really impact on your skills and provide heavy credibility on your Job Hunt.

Some students are selected directly from their professional profiles and their actual work in the impact on the product.

Here are some most famous websites provide online hackathon :-


Why Hackathon event is so necessary to attend?

World of IT now facing challenges every day, getting right skill, at right time to solve particular problem is very challenging. It is then impossible to get skilled person at very end of your important mission. Some problems will really effects drastically even to big companies. Application based, product based IT companies, such as Google, Facebook even small one needs problem solving if something goes south.

To provide exact solution or consultation such events plays a vital role. Even developers benefits to get hire and win money or some kind of recognition for their talented work.

Hackathon examples

Lots of people get direct Job in events, as their work is highly appreciated irrespective of their field. Some talents get direct project role with the companies and tie-up with project work on compensation (salary or fixed budget). ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest) offers Direct Job in famous companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter & Uber etc. Github is the most recommended platform for IT contest, your work will really appreciated by lots of people online.

For the data science course field there are other contest websites such as DataHack, Kaggle, Kdnuggets, Dataworld etc.

What is Hackathon meaning? competition, Events For Beginners
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