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*Free* Set Favorite caller tunes at JioTunes – Free Jio Caller Tune


Jiotunes give you an exciting new way to set caller tunes to express your feelings. Jio tunes Comes in wide range of selection from 4 lakhs songs with almost all genres, Bollywood, regional, international and devotional. After the launch of 4G service in India by Airtel, the biggest mobile network giant Reliance also launched the more affordable 4G mobile network service.

To take a lead in the competition Reliance has provided the cost effective 4G Jio plans and JioApp service. In JioApp store you can subscribe to multiple services of movies, music etc. The JioTunes is also a new caller tune service initiated by Jio to attract more and more customers. Thousands of people have purchased Jio sim and more are enrolling every day.

Free JioTunes Caller tune

Directions to activate Jio caller tunes for free

First of all there are no charges to activating the Jio caller tune. Now is the time when you can get rid of boring tring-tring and set caller tune according to your mood. This service mostly attracting the new generation and frequently adopted as a lifestyle habit.

How can I search for songs to set as my Jio Tunes?

To set caller tune you must download JioMusic app from the App store. Browse the app and select the song of your choice, you can listen and select it as your Jiotunes.

There are two ways to doing this:

  1. At first go to the song category page and click on dropdown menu on the right bottom and select “set as Jiotune”.


  1. Secondly, go to the select song and play it, in the player mode at the bottom you find “set as JioTunes” finally click it.


Be updated with the latest version of the JioMusic app and select you song from the wide range available from Jio caller tune list.

You can also try these methods:


  1. SMS first three words of the song to 56789. You will receive the Jio caller tune song list of carrying those words. Then you have to choose your song and wait for the confirmation message and when the message arrive type “Y” in reply.

There is also an option to search a song from specific movie, genre and singer name or album. For example SMS to 56789 Jio caller tune dial number.

<Singer name> to 56789

<Movie name> to 56789

<Album name> to 56789

Then follow instruction as per given in the caller tunes message.

How to activate JioTune caller tunes on the Smartphone?


There are three methods through which Jio caller tunes free service can easily activate.

By JioMusic App


Copying the JioTune from the another phone


JioMusic App:

In order to set a song as JioTunes, first you have to download the JioMusic app from the Google play store. Browse app then select the song for your caller tune.


There are two mean you can select it:


  1. The song category page has a dropdown menu on the right bottom, click on “set as JioTune”. There is option available in the player mode, click on the beneath button and set the caller tune.


You are required to keep the updated version to take all the benefits of the Jiotune.


You can also SMS the Three words of the song of your choice. You can find song of any movie and album by just sending SMS to 56789(toll free) Jio caller tunes number. Then you will get the message of list of all songs related to those words. Simply follow the instruction for Jiotune download menu and set your song as caller tune.

You have to reply by type “Y” and send SMS back to the same no. i.e. 56789 Jio caller tune toll free number.

Copying the JioTune from another phone:

To take the same Jiotune or caller tune as of other customer.

Press “*” before the call will stop when you dial to that number.

Then you will receive a SMS from 56767 asking your choice of action, reply by SMS on the same number. Press “Y” for yes and you will get your best song for caller tune.

What are the charges for activating the JioTunes?

Currently there are no charges for activating or using the Jiotune. As it has become famous among the youth, company has plans to continue it and later there will be minimal charges on this service.

How to automatically get renewed the JioTunes service?

The Jiotune service gets automatically renewed in every 30 days without any charges or deductions. This service is placing a very good feature of Jio service and making the overall good feedback by the customer. Since Reliance has announced the Jio service, the huge population embraced to the 4G service. The 4G network has become an inevitable to all the Smartphone users by giving them high speed connection speed.




How do I know to continuing the service when the free period expires?

When the free period expires then you will get a SMS by the Jio customer care and then you can continue this service by subscribing to the available tariffs. You can enjoy the services as long as the company has not decided to put charges on it. This service has remarkably turned the customers towards the 4 generation mobile network and also Reliance is their number one choice.


How to renew the subscription of JioTunes service?

This service gets auto renewed as it is in free subscription. Later it is the company policy to regulate charges on the usage of JioTunes or not. You can get help of the customer care executive at Jio caller tune number to get the update about the changes of the Jio caller tune service. Most customers are attracting towards the free of charge service of the Reliance Jio. But circumstances can be changed when the company will start applying charges to the customer for different services of Jio. The main thing is the customer should aware about is the quality of service is not comparable to the minimal charges.

*Free* Set Favorite caller tunes at JioTunes – Free Jio Caller Tune
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