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budget 2018

Disclosed Facts Of Budget 2018 In List – Your Budget 2018 fact

budget 2018 fact
budget 2018 fact

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Disclosed facts of Budget 2018

According to the report nearly Rs 14.34 lakh crore is to be spent on the rural infrastructure.  Also the mission called as National Livelihood mission is increased to around Rs 5000 crore. There is great news for women self-help groups the loans are increased to Rs 75000 crore. Moreover this time government is more focused towards better livelihood in rural India.  Budget 2018 is more concerned about the education of class 2 to class 12 students along with improvement of digital intensity in education.  There will be digital boards from blackboards in the school also another integrated B.ed program will launch soon. These are the some focuses revealed by finance minister “Arun Jaitley”.

Major facts of Budget 2018

There are 20 facts discuss below to show the light on major decision taking by our government towards better future of the people.

Budget 2018 Fact 2

All Indian National Heritage city development Augmentation scheme is launch to preserve and also protect the heritage cities in the country.

Budget 2018 Fact 3

Government going to contribute 12% of EPF towards contribution for new employees in a all the given sectors.

Fact 4

The infrastructure in India has major role in development of the economy

Fact 5

Mudra Yojana is now target to lend an amount of Rs 3 lakh crore

Budget 2018 Fact 6

The renowned MSME sector in India is the major hope of growth. Hence formalization is acted after the implementation of GST and demonetization.

One Eye Here: Your Budget 2018

Fact 7

According to FM Arun Jaitely health cover scheme for 10 crore poor families soon will be launch.

Fact 8

Government is aiming to bring around 60 crore bank accounts under the Jan Dhan Yojana.

Fact 9

This time for scheduled tribes government is opening the Eklavya school for children.

Fact 10

For patients undergoing Tuberculosis will receive help of Rs 600 crore.

Budget 2018 Fact 11

To minimize brain drain, government is planning schemes for bright talented students. For especially those pursing B.Tech from premiere Engineering colleges in India. Govt providing them higher education opportunities in IITs and IISc by awarding them handsome fellowship amounts.

Fact 12

New specialized sole Railway University is going to be set up in Vadodara.

Fact 13

An integrated program for B.ed teachers to improve their teaching skills. Also training during service period in necessary now.

Fact 14

New bill is proposed for allocation of money for social security program for all widows and orphaned children.

Fact 15

FM Arun Jaitley target to provide houses for all the Indians by 2022

Fact 16

Ujjwala scheme to amplify the target to provide 8 crore new rural LPG connections for women

Budget 2018 Fact 17

As the air pollution is major concern in the Delhi-NCR area. So the government is proposing subsidy on the machinery for in-situ management of the residue of the crop. The scheme states like Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and NCR-Delhi.

Fact 18

FM Arun Jaitely proposed Rs 500 crore for “Operation Green” on the lines of operation Flood.

Fact 19

The food processing sector is also going towards the 8% per annum growth every year.

Budget 2018 Fact 20

Government is now going to fix MSP i.e. Minimum support price for the agriculture produce at 1.5 times the market value. As government has found only fixing MSP in not a only solution for less income sustainability by farmers.


Disclosed Facts Of Budget 2018 In List – Your Budget 2018 fact
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